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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Starting a Nonprofit Series: SHOULD I start a nonprofit?

This is the first in a series of posts describing the process of becoming a tax-exempt organization. One of the most common questions I have encountered is “How do I start a nonprofit?” The next question is “How long will it take”. One question I don’t hear often enough is “How much will this cost?” …

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Spring Recruitment – Some Advice to Volunteers

Previously, I sent cautionary tale to larger organizations with small sub-groups. But, on the local level, what could we have done and do to help make this transition smoother? Create a Stakeholder list– who needs to know what information and what tasks need to be accomplished and assign specific individuals to those tasks. Develop a …

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Spring Recruitment Season – Some Advice to Organization Staff

Ahh… spring has spring and the school year is winding to a close. Like many other little volunteer-based organizations in the area, some of the ones I volunteer with are scrambling to complete our obligations before time runs out. The thing is, our group is a sub-group of a larger national organization and right now, …

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Building Strong Relationships

I believe that the key to an organization’s success is its relationships. Relationships with parent organizations, the larger community, and relationships among volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization. When leaders and volunteers feel comfortable and empowered in their roles, everyone can focus on the organizational priorities and most of all, enjoy their work and …

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