Heather Comstock Connects

Helping nonprofits and other volunteer organizations develop strong relationships and a clear voice in the community.

Building Strong Relationships

I believe that the key to an organization’s success is its relationships. Relationships with parent organizations, the larger community, and relationships among volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization. When leaders and volunteers feel comfortable and empowered in their roles, everyone can focus on the organizational priorities and most of all, enjoy their work and contributions.

I work with organizations both new and existing to ensure that a strong foundation is built through appropriate governance structures and policies and procedures. I provide assistance with nonprofit applications for federal and state recognition, advice on best practices, and industry standards and expectations to help organizations operate transparently. By translating nonprofit rules and regulations into every day terms, I help leaders and volunteers better understand their jobs and responsibilities resulting in a confident, engaged, and productive board of directors and volunteers.

I provide services in social media, e-newsletters, and blogging to help organizations establish and nurture relationships with their community. Current technology has leveled the playing field and even small, volunteer-based organizations can maintain contact with clients, donors, and constituents, advocate for their organization, and develop a voice. I assist organizations with harnessing technology by developing templates, schedules, and content for sharing information.


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