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Spring Recruitment – Some Advice to Volunteers

Previously, I sent cautionary tale to larger organizations with small sub-groups. But, on the local level, what could we have done and do to help make this transition smoother?

Create a Stakeholder list– who needs to know what information and what tasks need to be accomplished and assign specific individuals to those tasks.

Develop a Calendar Take some time to put together a perpetual calendar and look ahead and what tasks the incoming board will need to do and when. Start fleshing that to do list out to leave behind.

Schedule a transition meeting – put a meeting on the calendar for all the old and new board members to attend and talk.

Pull your records together – start amassing the collection and organizing it.

Register for Training – number one on our task list is ensuring that we know of the upcoming training dates and how to get registered for it.

Assign a Point of Contact – have one person who will be the go to person during the transition for questions and serve as the repository of information.

Communicate, communicate, communicate – let people know what is happening. Yes, you can put too much information out there, but frankly, let people decide how much is too much. Better to let them sort through what they think is relevant. That said, keep it short and reference them to something longer.

After Action – these are important particularly if the group replicates the same events year after year. Be sure to include information such as how many people attended as that will be your basis for your future numbers. How much income and expenses were associated.

What have you done in the past that made a transition smoother?  Share your tips in the comments!


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