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Organizational Baggage: Figurative and Literal

In taking over an all-volunteer organization, I was prepared for the figurative baggage that is inevitable with a long-established  group.  I was not, however, considering the LITERAL baggage!  In retrospect, I probably should have asked:  How much stuff I am going to get that will need to be stored?

I already knew about the flags and figured they’d have a joyful reunion with the banner I have been hosting for a year.  I wasn’t expecting several boxes of records and papers, much of which is older than I am.   It has been a hoot looking at the old pictures and reading old newsletters.

Unexpected bounty!

I’m sure it will all get along with the stuff from my other volunteer position…

Stuff from my other volunteer job!

So what I have learned from this that I can pass on to you?

  • Be aware that volunteering may come with baggage – literally as well as figuratively.
  • Big closets are your friend.
  • Never turn down a free tote bag.

Have you ever found yourself hosting unexpected stuff for a volunteer job?




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