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Random Reads from the Internet

Playing around on social media, I have run across some great stuff in the last couple of days.  Check out these recent discoveries!

I discovered the Non-Profit Humor Blog via Linked In.  They had a great post, ” Charity Creates Committee to Find Out Why Nothing Ever Gets Done in Committee Meetings”.  Hmm…. can anyone take a guess?

Then on Twitter, I discovered the Association Subculture Blog and the incredible “Board Member Code of Conduct We WISH We Could Write.”  Any of this sounding familiar?

I loved this post from Jamie Notter “Trapped By Our Own Mind“.  What color is a yield sign?  As always, good stuff from the Humanize co-author!

Nonprofit Technology Network posted a list of their failures related to their recent conference.  I am not so sure I’d be willing to share my failures so publicly.  That said, I picked up some good tips for the next time I am planning a meeting and it is a good way for them to demonstrate to their attendees that they are continually looking to improve the experience.

Have you read anything interesting or inspiring lately?


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