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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Reading Roundup: I Just Discovered RSS!

I’ve discovered the joy of the RSS feed! Yes, I know, pathetic and only about 10 years behind the times. Finally, I can keep track of all the blogs I like to follow in one place. Enjoy these discoveries as I return to a busy week of diverse activities such as preparing for a campout …

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Starting A Nonprofit 100 Years Ago

Having polished off How Carrots Won the Trojan War by Rebecca Rupp (excellent and entertaining read) I started on The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts: Juliette Gordon Low by Stacy A. Cordery. While the biography is about Daisy Low’s life, the latter half of the book describes in some detail, the start-up of the …

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Nonprofit Hats and Mom Jeans

I currently volunteer with two different kids’ organizations. One of them is very large and well-oiled. There’s lots of support from the national and local areas. They seem to understand that most of the adults involved with this are a bit like deer in the headlights and they provide lots of ways to meet other …

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Nonprofit Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est?

There are an incredible number of nonprofit organizations applying and receiving recognition of charity status every day. The vast majority of those don’t make it past their third birthday and fold. Even older, established nonprofits are not exempt from failure. ┬áThis is the fruit of a recent discussion I was having with a friend, frequent …

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