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Counting Blessings this Thanksgiving Day

This week is the prelude to the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving.  For me, this is a season to think about blessings and sharing those blessings with others.  In my years of working with nonprofits, I have always impressed and grateful for the many people I encounter who give generously of themselves whether it is a volunteer who manages the annual winter homeless shelter in our area to those who serve their professional associations as volunteer leaders.   What I love most is that these folks don’t wait around for someone else to solve the problem, but they give of themselves to make that change possible!

Hero Dogs, Inc.  is run by a group of seriously dedicated volunteers who understand the power of service dogs for helping veterans with disabilities.  It takes 30 months and over $30,000 to train a dog to serve a disabled veteran.  The dedication of this group of people is amazing and inspiring!

Pinnacle Empowerment Center I serve on the Board of this nonprofit that I have been involved with since its inception.  Founded by a group of amazing women who saw a need in their community to help women advance their careers and/or small businesses.  I always leave board meetings energized and look forward to spending time with the group.  You can’t say that for a lot of boards!

Association of Community Services Howard County this group of dedicated folks support and bring together the diverse nonprofits that serve Howard County, Maryland.  Involvement with them has introduced me to a variety of innovative groups who are committed to helping their neighbors such as makingCHANGE which provides financial education and Neighbor Ride which helps seniors get around by pairing them with volunteer drivers.

Maryland Nonprofits is a group that is near and dear to my heart in the many years I have been involved in with nonprofits.  When first got involved in the sector, I had no idea what I was doing and this organization provided a variety of resources that helped.  I currently volunteer my time as a Peer Reviewer for their Standards for Excellence program.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to see other amazing nonprofits dedicated to operating to the highest standard and meet other professionals who share their time and expertise for the program.

The best part of the nonprofit sector is always the people.  I never cease to be inspired and energized by the amazing people who share so generously of their time, treasures, and talents.  I am grateful for that reminder that the sector is more than just bored meetings, by-laws, and strategic planning.  At the end of the day, it is about people making a positive difference for their community.  Who inspires you?


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