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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Is Your Organization Ready for Scrutiny?

Did you know that IRS code 501(c) has designations from 1 through 27 and then some?* I learned that a few years ago working on my certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management at UMUC. That is a mind-boggling number and it doesn’t even include the political parties and groups. The Chronicle of Philanthropy wrote a great …

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Start-Up Growing Pains Are Nothing New: The Acts of the Apostles

During the Christian liturgical year from Easter through Pentecost, many churches study the Acts of the Apostles which describes the formation of the early Christian Church. As I listen to these readings, I realize the Apostles wrestle with familiar start-up issues: organizational and operational structures and how to grow without sacrificing mission. Moving on without …

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Keeping Up With the Grants

While not as reality-tv worthy as Kardashians, grants and other foundation funding are vitally important for many nonprofits. If your organization is thinking about or has already applied for (and hopefully received) grant funding, one of the obligations will be completing a report about how the money was used and the impact of the project. …

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