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May? Already?

With the warmer weather, I have been slacking off a bit. Here’s a few gems I have found in my RSS reader that have gotten me thinking about nonprofit issues. Enjoy!

The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides an overview of the Mark Zuckerberg donation to the Newark Schools and the recent look back at how the money was used. Complaints ranged from lack of transparency to reporting that 20% of the gift was paid out to consultants. It doesn’t matter how reasonable it seems from the inside, when you do something, picture it in the papers the next day!

This slideshare from Social Velocity is a succinct presentation on financing your nonprofit versus fundraising. If you’re looking for a tool to start discussions with your board or leadership on how to make this switch, start here. My favorite part are the actual, “here’s what your board can do” tasks.

Maryland Nonprofit’s blog from April provides another great point for opening up strategy discussions with your leadership with this post of Sustainability Questions Every Nonprofit CEO Should Ask.

I love following the American Society of Association Executives via their Association’s Now blog and found this great article on one of their social media roundups. Even if you aren’t a membership-based organization, consider your processes when implementing new policies and procedures. If you’re setting up something that looks great on paper but actually works against the way people will actually use it, then it’s going to fail.

To lighten the mood: What do you get when you cross a Program Director, a Volunteer Manager, and a Janitor? Answer: A situation that is not too uncommon in most nonprofit organizations. Check out the rest of the very funny (especially the last one!) classic nonprofit jokes!

So what have you been reading lately? Or you have you been enjoying the weather and getting outside?



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