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Helping nonprofits and other volunteer organizations develop strong relationships and a clear voice in the community.


Create connections!

Why a blog? Because I discovered it is a great way for me collect my random thoughts about nonprofits. The title of the blog references how I want to help people connect with all sides of the nonprofit world:

  • Staff and volunteers
  • Marketers and audience
  • Fundraisers and donors

Of particular interest to me are small organizations.  Those with one or two staff who wear all the hats or completely volunteer-run groups.  That is my experience.  I was initially hired due to my subject matter expertise, but once in the job, my criminal justice degree did little to prepare me for the tasks of marketing, managing IT, working with volunteers, and communications editing.  I got a true education in the trenches!  What got me through it?  The Golden Rule.  How would I want to be treated? What would I want to read? What would make me write a check?

My goal with this blog is to help people step outside their roles and make a connection with the bigger picture.  We don’t work or volunteer in a vacuum.  We commit ourselves to organizations because it connects us as caring individuals, connects us to a cause we are passionate about, connects us to the larger community,and connects us to a long-lasting legacy of a better world.

I hope you’ll stay with me as I share my experiences and my continued climb up the learning curve.  I hope I can save you some time, introduce you to cost-effective resources, and help you create real connections to make the world a better place!

For an exhaustive list of what I can do for YOUR organization, visit here.



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