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Burning Out

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back and gain new friends and skills. How can you protect yourself from losing the joy you find in serving others?


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New Year: Time to Do a Check Up!

2015 is here! January is a month with several looming deadlines for nonprofits so now’s the time to take stock of common tasks. Key among them is making sure you issue 1099’s and W-2’s for contractors and employees by January 31st. It’s also a good idea to touch base with last year’s donors and thank …

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Helping One-Eyed, Six-Toed Cats and More Money Than I Know What To Do With: Nonprofit Alternatives

I’ve made it a personal mission in the last several years to share the start-up experience, warts and all with people so they can make an informed decision. I don’t want to frighten folks, it’s just that nonprofits aren’t all just unrestricted grant funds and happy feelings. They are expensive, the structure can be cumbersome, …

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Epic Adventures and Random Thoughts

After a miserable, cold winter, summer’s heat and humidity are well set-in here in the mid-Atlantic! I’ve been off having adventures and full blog posts are hard to come by. Here’s a roundup of some of the random things that have been on my mind the last month or so! Do you really know what …

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May? Already?

With the warmer weather, I have been slacking off a bit. Here’s a few gems I have found in my RSS reader that have gotten me thinking about nonprofit issues. Enjoy! The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides an overview of the Mark Zuckerberg donation to the Newark Schools and the recent look back at how the …

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Volunteering and Mission Creep

My goal is to post something new at least once a month on here but I missed last month. I’ve been slogging through a time management problem – over-commitment! As I evaluated where I was spending my time I realized I had personally fallen prey to the dreaded Mission Creep! What is Mission Creep? According …

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Learning from Opposites

I am preparing for another presentation at the Annapolis Library next week and I am thinking about nonprofit start up. Doing these presentations is always enjoyable because of the people I get to meet. It is also a wee bit intimidating. As I think about the kinds of organizations the attendees represent or are interested …

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December: When Calendar and Fiscal Years Collide

It is the end of December and I am amazed that Christmas is almost upon us! I have neglected my poor blog here as I have been very busy winding down the year.  I wanted to share what I’ve been up to  because these end of the year tasks are very easy to lose track …

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Don’t Let Planning Get In the Way

I am currently involved with a small group working through some personal organizing strategy and it calls to mind some failed strategic planning and even some general planning meetings I have attended. Unfortunately, the planning process can be so interesting and exhilarating it is easy to get sidetracked and not get anything really accomplished. So …

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

The summer is winding to a close and my blog has taken a back seat to more exciting ventures during the warm Maryland months. As the academic year begins, I like to reflect on my summer and what I gained from my adventures. What did I do and learn on my summer vacation? I volunteered. …

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