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Learning from Opposites

I am preparing for another presentation at the Annapolis Library next week and I am thinking about nonprofit start up. Doing these presentations is always enjoyable because of the people I get to meet. It is also a wee bit intimidating. As I think about the kinds of organizations the attendees represent or are interested …

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Don’t Let Planning Get In the Way

I am currently involved with a small group working through some personal organizing strategy and it calls to mind some failed strategic planning and even some general planning meetings I have attended. Unfortunately, the planning process can be so interesting and exhilarating it is easy to get sidetracked and not get anything really accomplished. So …

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

The summer is winding to a close and my blog has taken a back seat to more exciting ventures during the warm Maryland months. As the academic year begins, I like to reflect on my summer and what I gained from my adventures. What did I do and learn on my summer vacation? I volunteered. …

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Three Lessons about Nonprofit Operations from M.A.S.H.

We dumped our cable a few years ago because I was tired of paying a ton of money for my son to watch one or two channels and frankly, we haven’t missed it. We were delighted when a few months ago, when a new channel was added to the local over the air lineup that …

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Then Stop Saying “Yes”

I grew up watching my parents volunteer and serve in their community. And now my son has the bug. Several years ago we joined a children’s organization dedicated to American history. The children actually have leadership positions with the adults providing guidance and supervision. Over time my son has watched the older kids conduct meetings …

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Government and NPO Partnerships: What You Can Learn From Our Parks

I am huge fan of parks! Living here in Maryland, we are very fortunate to have about a gazillion (I counted) parks from mountains to beaches all within a very short drive. When I visit the parks, I am in awe of the dedication of the staff, the commitment of the volunteers, and ways parks …

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Counting Blessings this Thanksgiving Day

This week is the prelude to the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving.  For me, this is a season to think about blessings and sharing those blessings with others.  In my years of working with nonprofits, I have always impressed and grateful for the many people I encounter who give generously of themselves whether it is …

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Nonprofit Hats and Mom Jeans

I currently volunteer with two different kids’ organizations. One of them is very large and well-oiled. There’s lots of support from the national and local areas. They seem to understand that most of the adults involved with this are a bit like deer in the headlights and they provide lots of ways to meet other …

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My Mom Can Drive!

Alright, so vacation is over.  School is about to start.  That means some of my volunteer work is about to kick into overdrive.  Two of the organizations I work with are membership-based groups for kids.  With autumn approaching, it is time for us to get our program planning into gear and recruiting plans developed!  The …

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