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Helping One-Eyed, Six-Toed Cats and More Money Than I Know What To Do With: Nonprofit Alternatives

I’ve made it a personal mission in the last several years to share the start-up experience, warts and all with people so they can make an informed decision. I don’t want to frighten folks, it’s just that nonprofits aren’t all just unrestricted grant funds and happy feelings. They are expensive, the structure can be cumbersome, …

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Learning from Opposites

I am preparing for another presentation at the Annapolis Library next week and I am thinking about nonprofit start up. Doing these presentations is always enjoyable because of the people I get to meet. It is also a wee bit intimidating. As I think about the kinds of organizations the attendees represent or are interested …

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Keeping Up With the Grants

While not as reality-tv worthy as Kardashians, grants and other foundation funding are vitally important for many nonprofits. If your organization is thinking about or has already applied for (and hopefully received) grant funding, one of the obligations will be completing a report about how the money was used and the impact of the project. …

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Leadership Lessons from the A.T.

I spent some time last weekend hiking a short section of the Appalachian Trail.   How did a path over 2,000 miles long through 14 states come to fruition? Through the efforts of a lot of volunteers spread out amongst those many locations. What can leaders take away from this experience? You can’t do or control …

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Government and NPO Partnerships: What You Can Learn From Our Parks

I am huge fan of parks! Living here in Maryland, we are very fortunate to have about a gazillion (I counted) parks from mountains to beaches all within a very short drive. When I visit the parks, I am in awe of the dedication of the staff, the commitment of the volunteers, and ways parks …

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