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Learning from Opposites

I am preparing for another presentation at the Annapolis Library next week and I am thinking about nonprofit start up. Doing these presentations is always enjoyable because of the people I get to meet. It is also a wee bit intimidating. As I think about the kinds of organizations the attendees represent or are interested …

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My Mom Can Drive!

Alright, so vacation is over.  School is about to start.  That means some of my volunteer work is about to kick into overdrive.  Two of the organizations I work with are membership-based groups for kids.  With autumn approaching, it is time for us to get our program planning into gear and recruiting plans developed!  The …

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Organizational Baggage: Figurative and Literal

In taking over an all-volunteer organization, I was prepared for the figurative baggage that is inevitable with a long-established  group.  I was not, however, considering the LITERAL baggage!  In retrospect, I probably should have asked:  How much stuff I am going to get that will need to be stored? I already knew about the flags …

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Spring Recruitment – Some Advice to Volunteers

Previously, I sent cautionary tale to larger organizations with small sub-groups. But, on the local level, what could we have done and do to help make this transition smoother? Create a Stakeholder list– who needs to know what information and what tasks need to be accomplished and assign specific individuals to those tasks. Develop a …

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Spring Recruitment Season – Some Advice to Organization Staff

Ahh… spring has spring and the school year is winding to a close. Like many other little volunteer-based organizations in the area, some of the ones I volunteer with are scrambling to complete our obligations before time runs out. The thing is, our group is a sub-group of a larger national organization and right now, …

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