Heather Comstock Connects

Helping nonprofits and other volunteer organizations develop strong relationships and a clear voice in the community.

My Services

I’m ready to take on the tasks that distract you from your mission!

Does the idea of writing by-laws or a narrative about your organization that will convey to an IRS agent what you’re planning to do give you an anxiety attack?

Not sure how or where to find all the documentation you need to become a recognized charity?

Does the idea of reading your by-laws or policy and procedures manual make poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick seem appealing?

Do you have non-functioning volunteers who continue to hang around but productive volunteers disappear without a backwards glance and you have no idea why?

Will your board of directors listen to an outside expert tell them the same things you have been trying to tell them about governance, training, recruitment, and social media?

Do you need someone to tell your board inconvenient and uncomfortable information?

This is what consultants do! I’ll come in and do the boring and uncomfortable tasks and then leave, taking the ire and the blame with me.  Contact me to find out how I can help you!  hc.connect2012(at)gmail.com or (443) 445-0208.

Start-Up Services

  • Organizing documents & by-laws: I help existing and emerging groups leverage free or low-cost sources of organizing documents by adapting them to the needs of the organization for incorporation and tax-exempt application.
  • IRS Form 1023 Completion: With input from the organization, I can complete the IRS Form 1023 “Application for Recognition of Exemption…” including drafting the narrative, budget development and description, and compiling the accompanying supporting documentation.
  • State Registrations: In Maryland, I can complete the Maryland State Charity Registration form and annual updates and Sales Tax Exemption. Depending on other states, I can complete similar state registrations.
  • Board Orientation & Development: I can help organizations recruit an appropriate board of directors. I can help new board members understand their roles on the board.

 Existing Organizations

  • Governing Documents reviews: I review existing governance documents and provide feedback and advise on changes to those documents to ensure they are current.
  • Policy & Procedures reviews: I can review existing policy and procedures to enure they are understandable and align with current practice.
  • Board Orientation: I can develop materials and training packages to help new and existing board members understand their roles and leverage their individual talents for the benefit of the organization.
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Training, & Retention: I can review existing volunteer programs, provide insight and advice to make programs more efficient and effective, provide training and materials for volunteer recruitment, training, and recognition.

Contact me at hc.connect2012 (at) gmail.com or 443-445-0208 to explore how I can be of service to your organization!




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