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Do You Want to Start A Nonprofit?

Here are a series of posts detailing some of the issues to consider when starting a nonprofit organization! This is intended to provide an overview of the process to give you an idea of the time and costs involved in starting up a nonprofit.

SHOULD I Start a Nonprofit? – Some things to consider before starting a nonprofit.

This article from the Foundation Center is a great overview of the legal issues concerning nonprofits.  Some good points to consider.

The Paper Trail Begins – How to get started with the legal formation of your organization.

Your By-laws, Your Backbone – Arguably the most important step you can take: drafting your by-laws.

Let the Fun Begin – Completing Your IRS Application – Organization and Focus is the key to a successful 1023 Application.

Keeping Your Nonprofit – The final phase: How to keep your organization functioning.

If you’ve got something to add to this process, please share!  Did I miss anything?  Do you have a creative solution or additional item you did with your start up? Share your story!

Thanks for following along on this series.  The purpose is to provide a general overview of the process of starting a nonprofit, primarily in Maryland.  Be sure to check with the regulations and agencies in your own state.  I am not a lawyer or a CPA, just a gal who loves the nonprofit sector and has helped birth several nonprofits.  If you need legal advice, seek professional advice from a lawyer or accountant.




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